Investors at Konza Technopolis  will access clean water whose supply has been guaranteed by a water company.

This follows an agreement signed between Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) and Nol-Turesh Water and Sanitation Company on January 22, 2016 to supply the techno Technopolis  with 2000 m3 per daily to meet the 1000m3 required for the implementation of Phase 1A advertised for investors to take up. Currently, Konza is served by 1,200m3 per day from the boreholes sunk in the techno city.

“The Nol-Turesh water will complement five boreholes that have been drilled on site with a combined yield of 1200 m3/day that will provide water especially for construction of Phase 1A and potentially for the early years of Phase 1,” Eng. John Tanui, CEO KoTDA said.

Approximately 6,000m3 of water in a day will be required to support Phase 1 of the techno city. The water system is to be built concurrently with the wastewater collection, treatment and disposal infrastructure. Procurement for consultancy services for the design of the waste water treatment and disposal facilities is already underway.

“We have a capacity of 13,000m3 per day, as such the Konza Technopolis  needs will be met. We shall look for ways of supplying clean water in a smart way to the city,” said Samuel Oruma, CEO Tanathi Water Company.

The implementation of Phase 1 is already underway. The Master Plan of this Phase begun on a 400-acre piece of land and is expected to attract 30,000 residents, 7,500 knowledge based workers supported by 16,700 other workers. On full development, Konza City is anticipated to accommodate a population of 230,000 people during the day and about 180,000 people at night.

Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KoTDA) has invited investors to take up space in the first phase of the Konza Techno City. The expression of interest expires end month.

“We call up on investors to grab this huge opportunity to be part of the success story of Konza City that will offer them huge opportunities. I wish to remind those who have not reached to us with their expressions of interest to do so within the next ten days,” Eng. Tanui noted. The initial development dubbed “phase 1” has been sub-divided into various parcels of land.

The KoTDA CEO assured investors that the government was working round the clock to deliver the most conducive business environment at Konza City.

“We are finalizing on the key infrastructure such as power, broadband, access roads, rail services, water and sewerage that will all be ready within a couple of weeks. In addition, we will have a dedicated police post to ensure security for all those living, working or doing business at Konza City,” Eng. Tanui said.

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