Arch. Dr. Reuben Mutiso - Chairman

Dr. Mutiso qualified as an Architect after completing his Master’s degree and later Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) in Architecture from the University of Texas (Austin). He was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) by the Management University of Africa for his outstanding contribution to his field of expertise. In addition to winning many international architectural awards, Dr. Mutiso is a Paul Harris Fellow as well as a Member of the WHO’s Historical Society.

Dr. Mutiso has served in various capacities in professional associations, including being elected by his peers to serve as the Vice President of the International Union of Architects (IUA). He is a Fellow of various professional associations, including the Architectural Association of Kenya, Kenya Institute of Management, Institute of Project Managers, American institute of Architects as well as the College of Architects, Spain. In addition, Dr. Mutiso has participated in and chaired many International Architectural Design competitions.

Dr. Mutiso is a Founding Partner and Group Chairman of Tectura International. With over 40 years of professional experience, he has helped guide the firm to a position of continental prominence. Under his leadership, Tectura International has developed a well-earned reputation for consistency of quality Architecture. Dr. Mutiso has helped shepherd over 500 design projects, including the design of corporate headquarters, universities, general offices, stadiums, retail, residential mixed–use projects and High Security facilities for various governments.

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